Wednesday evening SUNSET MINDFULNESS MEDITATIONS have finished for 2016.

We are working towards some short courses and workshops in the new year. If you are interested in learning more about Mindfulness please ‘Like’ and ‘follow’ the Evolve With Lou facebook page to be kept informed of upcoming events.

Mindfulness meditation is a practical and simple way to improve health and increase happiness. The benefits of mindfulness meditation have been proven in areas of health, stress, anxiety, depression, pain, happiness, relationships, success and more.

beach-birds-mindfulness-for-webIn each sitting we practice a variety of different mindfulness techniques such as mindful movement, breath meditation, guided meditation and finishing with a relaxing body scan. There will be opportunities to discuss meditation and mindfulness and you will learn ways to take mindfulness into everyday life in order to:

  • Strengthen your body-mind connection
  • Connect with your own internal wisdom
  • Find peace and calm in your own body and mind
If you would like to introduce mindfulness meditation or practices into your community please contact Lou to discuss possibilities for this.

Here’s my YouTube playlist of short videos about mindfulness:

I’ll continue to add to this playlist as interesting videos cross my path.