Is it too simple to be effective?

Medicine, pills, tablets, alternative, drug-free, natural therapy, EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, TappingI just found myself having a little rant. I’d just finished reading an article on the neuroscience-based benefits of exercise and this paragraph stuck in my head:

“What if the real magic does not come in the form of a pill, but in the form of an exercise regimen? That’s exactly what the neuroscience research suggests… If regular exercise becomes routine for the vast majority of children and adults, we could have a population that’s not only healthier and less stressed, but also more productive.”

Question, conundrum, your opinion, your thoughts, rant, ravingsNow I don’t advocate becoming an exercise junkie to get your buzz (unless that’s your thing) but there are definitely benefits to both the body and mind from finding some form of physical activity that you enjoy. You’ll know when you find it because it will be give you energy rather than drain you of energy.

Anyway, the question the article raised is what led me to contemplate WHY we look for something ‘in the form of a pill’ when we have so many resources within us and around us that we completely overlook. In our quick-fix society we go for the band-aid solution before we even consider changing something in our life or, god-forbid, changing the way we think and feel about things. So this is the rant that my fingers went on:

Yoga, hiking, snowboarding, nature therapy, neuroscience, exercise, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, TappingWhat is it about needing a pill to fix things?

Why is it that we overlook the everyday habits that can change our life and improve our health and happiness?

Is it because it seems too simple to be effective?

Or is it because we are still looking outside of ourselves for a quick fix?

Maybe changing or creating a daily habit is too much effort for most people? It has to get extreme for people to be willing to change – I know that was true for me.

Maybe people are not aware that they do have the capacity to change their lifestyle or habits? One little tweak at a time we can adjust our life trajectory. One little tapping session and it’s done. It sounds too simple for people that have been struggling for so long.

Or maybe we are disempowered and taught to believe that we are victims of circumstance or genes? It is our own personal responsibility to make the most of whatever resources we have at our disposal to strengthen, build and grow – not to use our lot in life as an excuse to not try.

It was at that point that I realised I was on my soapbox and this was obviously an issue for me – so I began to explore WHY.  Which resulted in more ravings:
Nature therapy, neuroscience, exercise, hike, cycle, surf, EFT, TappingIt’s probably because I wish that people knew that change doesn’t have to be so hard. It doesn’t have to take a long arduous period of using willpower and discipline. It can feel natural, enjoyable and empowering.

Through EFT tapping and Matrix Reimprinting I’ve been able to delve into my self-beliefs that were showing up in the form of self-sabotage and let go of them. It’s not like your whole life changes in one session (even though for some it does), but one belief, habit or thought pattern at a time is cleared. Once you’ve cleared that pattern you don’t feel it anymore, those thoughts don’t occur to you anymore; it’s long-term, you no longer have to use willpower and vigilance to control or keep it at bay.

Each time that you let go of another thing that is holding you back you change the path of your life, you change your long-term health and happiness, you change the way that you relate to world and people around you.

Now what else do you do once your atop your soapbox other than sprout to anyone willing to listen? Hence, sharing of these ramblings with you.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts or insights on this question – feel free to respectfully discuss in the comments section below….

Note: To provide balance and to avoid these thoughts and momentary opinions being interpreted to the extreme – I do recommend that people seek advice from health professionals and make good choices in their own self-care. I encourage people to do whatever it takes for their own long-term physical and mental health. Don’t neglect yourself, be too hard on yourself, expect too much of yourself or ignore the messages that your body is giving you. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary suffering if relief is on offer. However, I do recommend that you pay attention to recurring patterns and consider focussing on the underlying causes rather than the symptoms. The aim is to learn self acceptance, compassion, patience and kindness – it is there that you will find your own wisdom.

Health & Happiness,

Lou x