Are you ready to EVOLVE?

Are you….Evolve With Lou, Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT Tapping, Practitioner, fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety, panic, food cravings,

  • Feeling overwhelmed or constantly stressed?
  • Not able to calm your busy mind? Having panic attacks? Having trouble sleeping?
  • Feeling stuck and unsure how to get out of it?
  • Not progressing in one area of your life?
  • Suffer for chronic pain or a chronic illness?

Is your health starting to suffer due to stress or lifestyle choices?

Is there a past event or trauma that is still affecting your life?

Have you tried making changes but it’s just too hard to stick to it?

Lou can help you:

Learn tools to calm your mind and body in-the-moment.Evolve With Lou, Lou Coles, EFT Practitioner, mindfulness, mind-body connection, peace, calm, content, nature, clarity, direction, health, happiness

Process and release difficult emotions and past events that are holding you back, causing you pain or energy drain.

Shift old programming of habits, beliefs and patterns.

Learn how to listen to the whispers of your own body and intuition.

Develop self-acceptance and feel good about making healthy choices for yourself.

Feel calm, confident and clear in your decision-making.


Lou Coles, B.Sc.


90-Minute One-on-one EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Sessions

Lou Coles, Evolve With Lou, EFT Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting, mindfulness, health, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, mind-body connection, recovery
Photo: Michelle Wright Photography

Face-to-face online from the comfort of your own home or in-person in Hervey Bay, Queensland.
Book here for Tapping sessions or a free 25 minute chat.

Begin to practice self-acceptance and self-care.
Learn tools to empower you on your own health journey and in your daily life.
Feel more freedom and enjoyment starting now by releasing lifelong programming and limiting beliefs.
Adjust the direction your life is currently going in by starting to make different micro-decisions.

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – Tapping on acupressure points to calm the mind-body and release emotional charge around difficult issues.
  • Matrix Reimprinting method – gently and swiftly release old habits, trauma and limiting beliefs that are causing you to repeat the same life patterns.
  • Mindfulness practices – learn to pay attention to, and tune into, your body and intuition; learn to live in the present moment, with clarity and without judgement.

Group Programs – Coming up!

Honoured to be a guest speaker at this retreat being run by NLP Master Practitioner and Coach Melissa Cremascoli and particularly looking forward to the empowering journey that Melissa will be taking us on.
Women’s Empowerment Retreat, Gold Coast 7-11th March 2018

My contribution will be on my favourite topic – Self-Care and the importance of connecting to your own body and intuition, with a few mindfulness meditation practices thrown in for good measure.

If you want 2018 to be the year you changed your life and are ready to become the most empowered version of yourself, totally confident, free from constant struggle, self doubt, and negative self talk, then you need to take action and join Melissa (and me as part of her team) this March and talk control of your life and allow yourself to step into your power!! You deserve it!

A note from Melissa:

“Join me and release your deepest fears, negative emotional blocks and crippling doubts that have been holding you back!
Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt. GONE!!
No longer carry around debilitating Self Doubt, Lack of Self Love, Self Acceptance and lack of Confidence.
It’s time to let go and create new, empowering beliefs and decisions, and get what it is you truly desire!!!

This luxurious environment, surrounded by an intimate group of supportive and inspiring women ready to do what it takes to create positive change in their lives is where massive change occurs!!!! 

This is a safe place where you can be totally open and vulnerable, without judgement. Here is where you get RESULTS!!!With more one on one time with me, you will set the foundations for massive change and growth in you life!!!! To get this, you just have to say YES to YOU!!

My mission is to give you a unique and powerful experience that will truly change your life!!
Please get in touch if you would like to join me and be a part of this exclusive opportunity.
I would love to share this experience with you!!! Don’t delay and secure your place now!

Much Love,
Mel x “


Group Programs – A sample of past programs …

EMPOWERED EATING WORKSHOP – Sunday, 10th September 2017.
9am – 3.30pm at the Wellbeing Centre, Chenrezig Institute, 33 Johnsons Road, Eudlo
Book directly through Chenrezig Institute here.  Accommodation and meals can also be arranged through Chenrezig.
Book early to avoid disappointment – Lou’s last workshop at Chenrezig sold-out.

Have you noticed that dieting doesn’t work long-term?
Well science agrees with you.
Diets are hard work and they detract from your enjoyment of life.
The worst thing is that they come from a place of deprivation, restriction and self-criticism in which you learn to disconnect from your body and ignore your physical and emotional needs.

A 180 degree flip on your approach to health and weight-management will be offered with practices that are supported by clinical evidence – I would like to provide you with the tools to approach your wellbeing from a place of love, nurturing and self-acceptance. By listening to your body and giving it what it needs (and not giving it what it doesn’t need) you can enjoy life and feel happy and healthy in your body – all at the same time!

Bring along one or two of your strongest food cravings. You will ‘tap-away’ your food craving right then and there and learn tools to get a handle on something that may currently have power over your thoughts and actions.

We will discover the underlying reasons for our food cravings and emotional eating and learn how to use these tools in your daily life to tune-in to your own body and practice mindful-intuitive eating.

Come along to experience first-hand how Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) works and learn about evidence-based methods for long-term weight-management that don’t rely on willpower.

Here’s a quick animation of how EFT works and why it is so effective with food cravings, emotional eating and stress.
For more articles on this topic follow the discussion in the Facebook event.

Follow Evolve With Lou – Empowering You on Facebook to hear about future mindfulness events.
Contact Lou directly if you would like to discuss mindfulness activities in your community.


Mindfulness meditation is a practical and simple way to improve health and increase happiness. The benefits of mindfulness meditation have been proven in areas of health, stress, anxiety, depression, pain, happiness, relationships, success and more.

Lou offers a various forms of mindfulness meditations suited to your group’s needs. She has a very down to earth and practical approach to meditation and mindfulness and likes to ‘keep things simple’. Although, given the slightest encouragement she can be prone to spouting about the science, research and physiology of our minds!

This workshop series was run in 2016.
If you would like to request similar or different workshop topics for 2017  please get in touch with Lou.Self-Care Workshop - Positive Body Image and Self Acceptance

In each 2-hour workshop we explore an area of life that you might be struggling with. However, we don’t stop there! Just being aware of our problems doesn’t seem to fix them, does it?
You will learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping for yourself while we ‘tap-on’ the topic of each workshop.

Facilitated by an experienced EFT practitioner, in a supportive small group environment you will release and let-go of thoughts, feelings and patterns that no longer serve you.

25th August – Body Image & Self-Acceptance
1st September – Stress & Overwhelm
8th September – Technology Addiction
15th September – Trouble Sleeping & Insomnia
22 September – Chronic Pain
29 September – Cravings & Addiction
20th October – Serious Illness – acceptance & recovery